There are instances where you may not be able to e-file your document due to errors generated by the court’s e-filing manager software, or as a result of either court case data validation issues, or issues with the court’s e-filing manager software configuration. In these instances, we must report the issue to the court so that either court staff, or the court’s software vendor, can intervene to resolve the issue. This often does not occur in the same day.

If you have a filing deadline in this instance, all we can recommend is that you consider submitting your filing conventionally along with a “Request for Exemption from Mandatory Electronic Filing and Service” for your particular filing. You’ll find the court form here.

Per the LASC General Order re Mandatory Civil Electronic Filing, section 3(b), you might argue you’ve been confronted by an “undue hardship” and provide the specific errors the e-filing system is generating in attempting to submit your filing.