The Los Angeles Superior Court — in accordance with California Rule of Court 3.1312 (c) — now requires all parties electronically filing (e-filing) proposed orders for Civil Division cases (except for small claims cases) to submit proposed orders as both a PDF (Portable Document File) AND as a separate editable word-processing file (Microsoft Word document file).

Editable versions of proposed orders are not required with proposed orders utilizing approved Judicial Council of California forms and Los Angeles Superior Court forms.
Proposed Order Cover Sheet

Parties submitting these proposed orders must add the Proposed Order Cover Sheet (Form EFS-020) to the proposed order PDF and submit the documents as a single PDF.

The above procedure will be included in future proposed changes to Los Angeles Superior Court Local Court Rule 3.4 (a), regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing.

Read the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Notice to Attorneys

Proposed Order Document Types for the LASC Civil Division

At this time, the Los Angeles Superior Court has configured the e-filing system to only offer the following document types for Proposed Orders in the CIVIL division.

ORD010 Order (name extension)
ORD090 Order for Release of Funds
ORD120 Order – Dismissal
ORD195 Order to Deposit (name extension)
ORD205 Order to Set Aside / Vacate (name extension)
ORD220 Ex Parte Proposed Order
STP020 Stipulation and Order (name extension)
STP045 Stipulation and Order to Vacate Default and / or Default Judgment

If the Los Angeles Superior Court does not offer the specific document type you are looking for with your case type, filers will want to select the one that most closely matches or is somewhat generic in nature.