Pursuant to Supreme Court Order M.R. 18368, Mandatory E-Filing in Civil Cases, filed January 22, 2016 and M.R. 18368, In re: Electronic Filing in Civil and Criminal Cases and Remote Access Systems, filed May 30, 2017, the following e-filing standards apply to eFileIL.

Supreme Court of Illinois Orders, Rules, Standards, and resources.

Note: see Record on Appeal Standards for document format and file size standards for e-filing the record on appeal to the reviewing courts.

  1. File Size for Illinois Reviewing Courts
    The maximum file size for a document e-filed through eFileIL to the Supreme Court and Appellate Court Districts is 150mb.
  2. File Size for Illinois Trial Courts
    The maximum file size for a document e-filed through eFileIL is 25mb., with a maximum envelope size of 50mb.
  3. Document Format
    When possible, the following parameters apply to e-filed documents submitted through eFileIL:

    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) PDF.
    • Minimum 300 dpi (dots per inch), Maximum 600 dpi – scanned in black / white mode.
    • Page Size: 8½ x 11 inches.
    • 12 pt. font
    • First page, top margin of each e-filed document should be two inches.
    • A one inch page margin on all sides (top, bottom, right and left sides).
    • When possible, the OCR PDF document should be created directly from the program creating that document, rather than from a scanned image of the document.
  4. Hyperlinks, Security, or Embedded Video or Audio in e-Filed Documents
    Hyperlinks to external material contained within an e-filed document are for convenience purposes only and the hyperlinked material is not considered a part of the filing. E-filed documents cannot contain any security or encryption. Embedded audio or video files in PDF document are not allowed.
  5. Bulk Filings
    Bulk filings of documents from multiple cases combined into one PDF document shall not be accepted. Documents with different case numbers must be filed individually in separate transactions / envelopes.
  6. Photographs or Graphics
    Photographs or graphics shall be permitted to be e-filed. If the graphic or photograph is in color, it shall be filed in color, if possible. Graphics or photographs larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches shall not be e-filed and the filer should contact the court clerk for alternative filing procedures.