The email you receive is dependent on your User Preference settings. If you aren’t receiving notifications or are receiving too many, this is the place to customize your preferences, so you will want to make sure they are properly set up.

Configure your Settings for Delivery of Email Notifications

From the Settings Tab at the top of the page, click User Preferences

On the User Preferences screen, scroll down to the two sections titled, Email Notifications. One set of check boxes are for choosing which emails you receive from our system, and the other is for choosing which emails you receive from the courts. Check the necessary boxes; then click the Save button at the bottom.

Still aren’t receiving emails? Check your spam folder!

If your settings are tailored to your needs, and you still aren’t receiving emails, then check any and all spam folders to make sure the email wasn’t held up there. If you have an IT department, they may be able to help avoid notices from the courts and your e-Filing provider being sent to a spam folder by white listing emails sent from their addresses.