The Filing Activity (Non-Accepted) screen allows the user to run a report for Pending and Rejected filings.

View the Filing Activity (Non-Accepted) Screen

Click Reports from the Main Menu at the top.

Then select Filing Activity (Non-Accepted) from the Left Menu.
Filing Activity (Non-Accepted)

Filing Activity by Payment Account Overview

This report allows a user to customize their results by: Range Type and Output Type.

Range Type

The user may limit the dates for the report by Current Billing Period or Specific Dates. If Specific dates are chosen, then the user will be able to select a Start Date and End Date for their report.

Output Type

The user has a choice of three types of report output: HTML, CSV, or PDF.

The Filing Activity (Non-Accepted) Report

Once the user runs the report, they will find the results for the case filtered by Filing Id, Envelope Number, Client Matter Number, Case Number, Court Name, Case Name, Attorney, Submitted By, Submitted Date, Document Type, Document Title, and Status.

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