With regards to submission time, aside from scheduled maintenance on the court’s part and our service’s part, users may e-File 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. However, the courts only review filings during their normal business hours Monday thru Friday.

Please check your court’s local rules to determine what hours qualify to have a submission date on the current day. Some courts require you to file by their end of their business hours that day; others require you to have the submission uploaded to them by 11:59 PM of the current day. Anything submitted on the weekend or submitted on a court holiday will have a submission date of the next business day.

We suggest not waiting until close of business or until midnight if you are on a deadline to file documents. The time it takes to upload all the documents to the court depends on a number of things outside of this service and the court’s control; things such as document(s) file size and personal internet speeds.

Once submitted, it can take the filing clerks as little as a minute, to a few hours, to a full business day to review the filing. If it takes longer than that, the court may be having a backlog they are working through.

If you are ever concerned about the status of your filing, the best thing to do is contact the court directly, and provide them the envelope number on your filing for reference.