Santa Clary County requires you to submit a proposed order in an editable word-processing format pursuant to Local General Court & Administration Rules of Court Rule 6 (Proposed Orders section I).

You will need to email that word document to the appropriate email address listed below as the e-filing system only accepts PDF documents:

Dept # Judicial Officer Email address
1 Judge Walsh
5 Judge Kuhnle
6 Judge Zayner
9 Judge Arand
11 Judge Overton
12 Judge Pichon
13 Judge Stoelker
19 Judge Kirwan
64 Judge Lie
65 Judge Hayashi
66 Judge Arroyo
72 Judge Pegg
73 Judge Franco
74 Judge Emede
75 Judge McGowen
76 Judge Rudy
77 Judge Towery
78 Judge Scott
79 Judge Huber

The Court will continue to accept the following documents in hard copy form:

  • Abstracts
  • Ex Parte Filings
  • Writs
  • Judgments – Family Case Types Only
  • Defaults – Family Case Types Only