In the state of California, when it comes to court fees and E-filing service provider fees, you will be billed separately. The court fees are charged by the court at the time of the acceptance of a filing, and E-filing service provider fees are charged at the end of the month.

Court & Our Service Fees

For the court’s fees, lets use the following example:

Suppose a filing is submitted with a $100 filing fee. The Court also charges a fee of $3.50 per filing submission to fund the Odyssey eFileCA e-filing system. We then add our service fee. So for this example, let’s say our service fee is $1.00 per filing. The subtotal will be $100.00 + $3.50 + $1.00 or $104.50.

In addition, a credit card convenience fee is accessed. For California, the amount is 2.75% to 3% of the total filing fee to process the transaction depending on the county. Let’s use 2.75% for this example, so 2.75% of $104.50 will be added which comes to $2.87.

Therefore, your grand total will be $100.00 + $3.50 + $1.00 + $2.87 or $107.37.

This will result in two charges on your credit card. One charge is the for the court’s filing fees, and the other is for the service / processing fees. They will look like the following.

FILEFEE00056665 = $100
CAEFILE00056665 = $7.37

The 00056665 represents the envelope number of your filing. This is what you can use to track the charge to a specific filing.

E-filing Service Provider Fees

None of what we’ve discussed thus far refers to your e-filing service provider fees. Each EFSP charges their fees separately, one time per month for the filings submitted during that month. So, if you filed 10 things in a month, then at the end of the month, your card on file will be charged for those 10 filings. This is completely separate of the fees you pay at the time of filing.