Starting in the Spring of 2021, select courts will have the option to serve documents via Certified or First Class Mail for an additional fee. Filers will be able to request mail service in our updated Service Contacts section. (This is in addition to the optional service of documents electronically via email.) We only send these documents after the court accepts the submission.

Updated Service Contact Section

New Mail Service via Certified or First Class Mail

  1. Check any box in the eServe column to electronically serve a filer via email
  2. The Mail Service column allows users to send their accepted documents via Certified or First Class Mail
  3. In the Name column, a filer may add or edit an address for Mail Service. However, only the contact’s name will show unless the filer selects a Mail Service type in the previous column.
  4. As always, filers may click the Add Service Contact link to add new contacts to a filing.
  5. Filers will want to make sure the Return Address listed is correct for any Mail Service returned to them.

Mail Service Fees

New Mail Service via Certified or First Class Mail Fees
In the Filing Fees section of the filing, a new row titled Mail Service lists the total fees for all requested Mail Service from the Service Contact Section. We only mail the documents when the filing clerk accepts it.

Mail Service Status

New Mail Service via Certified or First Class Mail Satus
Once filer submits the filing to the court, they may click Filing Status from the left menu of the Dasuboard, and then click the pending/accepted filing id at anytime to bring that filing back up. Then they can scroll to the Service Contact section to view the Mail Service’s status along with any eService.

While we do not send the mail until the filing clerk accepts the filing, users can view details of its status; find a proof of what the system sent to the contacts, as well as a receipt for it.