A common reason filing clerks reject filings is due to filers not adding the Court Reporter Fee in the Optional Services section of the filing.

The court does not automatically associate this fee of $30 with any document type. When a user files any document that requires a court reporter fee, they will need to manually add it in the filing.

Failing to add the fee when the court requires it, results in the court’s filing clerk rejecting the filing until the user adds it.

Note: This rejection tends to happen to many filers submitting any sort of Request for Order or Motion with the document type of RFO/MTN.

Add the Court Reporter Fee

In a filing, scroll to Section 3, and look for the Security & Optional Services section in your filing.

Select the applicable Security option, and then on the Optional Services dropdown, find the Court Reporter Fee applicable to you. Depending on the court, you will have up to three options to select, and each court will set their own fees for each of those options.

  • Court Reporting Services less than 1 hour
  • Court Reporter 1/2 Day
  • Court Reporter Full Day

Court Reporting Services less than 1 hour (typically $30)
Add the Court Reporter Fee

Court Reporter 1/2 Day and Full Day (fees vary by court)
Add the Court Reporter Fee

This option is an easy one to miss, so double check your filing before submitting it to the court. It will save you valuable time fixing a rejected filing.