9/20/19 3:00 PM – The court reporting that their system is back up and fully functioning.
Notice to attorneys

9/20/19 1:25 PM – The court just distributed this public notice.

Notice to attorneys

9/20/19 12:17 PM – The Court is reporting that they will be posting a public notice shortly. Any ex parte applications for Monday, and any filings with a statutory date of today may be filed in paper by presenting to the clerk at the filing counter. They are strongly requesting that only ex parte for Monday and statutory documents be filed as they do not want a large back-log of paper that will slow down the timely processing of other documents as they are submitted.
They are currently looking at a 1:00 restoration timeline for electronic services, but confidence is not high, thus the notice to allow limited counter filing.

9/20/19 11:19 AM – The Court continues to work to resolve the issue and are considering how to honor file dates today based on information provided by the e-filing service providers. The Court indicates they will provide a further update by 12:00 noon.

9/20/19 9:42 AM – The Court continues to work on the issue and also reported that the Court’s case management system is down. Attempting to file documents in paper will not allow them to process any faster. The court is considering extending the deadline for Monday’s ex parte hearings beyond 10:00 AM but that has not been finalized or confirmed. The court asks for filer’s patience as they work to resolve their technical issues.

9/20/19 6:56 AM – Journal Technologies reported the court has confirmed the issue and is working as quickly as possible to resolve it.

9/20/19 6:19 AM – Journal Technologies reported they still had not received a response from the Court’s IT department.

9/20/10 12:57 AM – Journal Technologies reported that they had left messages for the Court’s IT department but has yet to receive a response.

9/19/19 11:31 PM – Journal Technologies confirmed that the issue was within the court’s network and connecting to the court’s case management system. As such, Journal Technologies worked to notify the Court’s IT department.

9/19/19 9:30 PM – At this time, e-filing service providers began to experience issues retreiving case details from the court’s case management system, and filing new documents on existing court cases. The Court’s software vendor, Journal Technologies, was contact and acknowledged the issue, and began to investigate.